Resources for the Association Property Community

While we have been known to say that Escaping Condo Jail should be required reading for anyone with an interest in condominium and homeowner association properties, we recognize that time is precious for most people.

That said, downloading and reviewing the resources on this page can be the best first step to understanding essential processes and policies that should be part of every property association’s core. The contents of these documents are all available in the pages of Escaping Condo Jail and are excerpted here for sharing.

We only ask that you fill out the request form to the right to gain access.

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  • Financial Procedures Checklist–
    our 35-point recommendation



  • Code of Ethics Policy
  • Code of Ethics Sample Form



  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Sample Form
  • Conflict of Interest DisclosurePolicy
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure
    Sample Form


  • Board Minutes Overview
  • Board Minutes Sample



  • Property Association Balance Sheet Overview
  • Property Association Financial Statement Samples



  • Condo and HOA Inspection Riders



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