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Best Book on Real Estate in Decades!

The Encyclopedia of Condo Pitfalls

What a great book! Could not put it down

Contribution of Highest Purpose and Profound Mission



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‘Escaping Condo Jail': Comprehensive Book Explores Pitfalls of Condominium, Home Owner Association Real Estate with Research, Wit
If you have your heart set on buying a condo, cooperative apartment or a single-famiy house in a planned development, you should read “Escaping Condo Jail: The Keys to Navigating Risks & Surviving Perils of the ‘Carefree’ Community Lifestyle” by Don DeBat and Sara E. Benson before signing on the dotted line.



WGN TV – “Your Money Matters”

“The book is Escaping Condo Jail by Sara Benson and Don DeBat. I would say that anybody thinking about buying a condo, or even anybody serving on a condo board, or anybody who has any connection to a condo, this is must reading—all 600 and something pages. Thanks a lot for a great book!”
Steve Sanders, “Your Money Matters” WGN TV, December 22, 2014