The Ultimate Survival Guide
to Association Property Ownership

Escaping Condo Jail is the key to navigating
the risks and surviving the perils.

This book is the long overdue wake up call for what is often mistakenly referred to as the “carefree community lifestyle.”

Sara E. Benson and Don DeBat, each with lifelong careers in real estate, have embarked on a crusade to benefit you – whether you’re a condominium property owner or considering a purchase – as they explore the myths and expose the truths about how condominium and homeowner associations work. And sometimes don’t.

A how-to guide for association management.
With Escaping Condo Jail, you’ll not only learn from others stories and missteps, you’ll have a roadmap to a better association management by understanding what are considered standard operating principles as well as essential policies.

Sara and Don believe so strongly in these principles and policies and their impact on your investment that you’ll find samples of key association documents – sample association meeting minutes and sample association financial reports and more – in the Resources section of the Escaping Condo Jail web site.